Roussette de Savoie

Roussette de Savoie
Grape variety : Altesse
Vintage : 2019
White wine Price : 7,90 €
Wine floral, mineral, fine, elegant
Operating temperature : 12 °C

Opportunities for opening a bottle :

    • Aperitif
    • Tartiflette
    • Pisces
    • Soufflé
    • Quenelles

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Roussette de Savoie is made from the Altesse grape variety. This Savoyard grape variety was brought back from Cyprus in 1432 by the Count of Marest on his return from the Crusade. We cultivate Roussette de Savoie on 1 hectare in the town of Jongieux in Savoy - France. Its bunches are brown at the end of ripening, hence the name "roussette" given to the appellation (a french play on words). Harvested by hand, the grapes are treated with respect until pressing. Fermentation takes place quietly in our cellar. It can be very slow in some years. The wines obtained, floral, slightly honeyed and spicy, have a fine minerality. They go wonderfully with aperitifs or fish. If you like Roussette, let yourself be surprised by Marestel, a Roussette de Savoie cru specific to Jongieux because it is linked to its production area.


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