Winegrower of the year from the Wine Guide Hachette 2021

Vigneron année Guide Hachette Jacquère vin blanc coup de coeur

It is with pride and great pleasure that we announce that we have been elected Winemaker of the Year in by the Guide Hachette des vins 2021!

Our Jongieux Blanc Jacquère is a Crush !

What is the place of Jacquère among your other white wines?

We were initially surprised to be distinguished in Jaquère, but we are very happy. It has been developed in the purest tradition, without malolactics, in order to keep the sparkle and freshness that characterize it. It is a “thirsty” wine, and we are not pejorative! It has a title of only 11 ° like the wines my father Françis made, its low alcohol content is in demand today. Our White Jongieux is very light, unlike our Roussette.

Also a crush on your fruit bat: how do you manage to reach this level of excellence?

Nothing fancy, but a lot of small details! We thin out all our vines, we debudge, we harvest in green, we harvest by hand and we sort a lot. We are lucky to have very old vines in one of the most beautiful terroirs of Savoy. It is the land that does everything. You can recognize a Marestel by its notes of candied grapes and its aromas of honey. It is the glacial moraines resting on crumbly limestone rocks that give it this taste.

Is your HVE certification a step towards organic?

Not necessarily. You can be organic and your vines can look like a desert. For us, what counts are the living soils, not debris and full of nitrogen, which give wines full of flavor. I can't stand wines that "stink". They remind me of my grandfather's wines which smelled of manure. I went to school to learn how to make good wines without false taste or greenness. When I am told that my Mondeuse does not grate enough, I take it as a compliment. We do everything to obtain fine and fruity wines. On our gamays, as in Beaujolais, we use a semi-carbonic maceration which brings out the red fruit.

Any Projects ?

Especially not to grow. But seek to further improve our wines. I am never satisfied with what I do, I always ask myself a thousand questions. In the meeting, I taste the wines of my neighbors and I question them. The future is Antoine. We are a trinomial. It helps us to decide between us. Jean-Pierre criticizes me for being a sorting maniac and points out that we are not in Petrus. In any case, since Antoine is with us, we have obtained 3 Crush. It is not a coincidence.

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