Cheese fondue from Savoy


  1. The choice of quality ingredients is essential if you want the fondue of your dreams. The cheese first, but also the wine. Please take 3 different cheese (from Savoie to do well) in equal quantity. For wine, the Jongieux Blanc from Domaine Chevallier Bernard will be perfect.
  2. Cut the bread preferably a little dry into small pieces
  3. Cut the cheese into small pieces, grating it is even better
  4. Cut the garlic in half and pass it over all the edges of the pot
  5. Put half of the white wine in the caquelon
  6. Gradually add the cheese, stirring with a wooden spoon, forming 8s.
  7. Then add the rest of the wine, stirring constantly. Depending on the texture of the mixture, do not hesitate to add little by little both the wine and the cheese
  8. Once the mixture is homogeneous: it's ready you can go! Remember to always stir during your meal by forming 8s. Do not hesitate to accompany your meal with a glass of Jacquère or Gamay
  9. Still ungry ? Variants exist! Add half a reblochon or an egg so as not to lose a crumb! Or both if you feel like it!

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