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Marcelle et Francis Chevallier en tracteur

In this corner of Savoy, the vine has always been cultivated. On the estate, Marcelle and Francis Chevallier specialized in viticulture in the 1970s. As for us, Jean-Pierre Bernard and Chantal Chevallier, we met in Beaune during our studies in BTS in wine viticulture. Before taking over the estate in 1996, we worked in Beaujolais in other areas of wine and the vine. When the operation resumed, we combined our two surnames to give birth to the Chevallier Bernard estate. In 2016, our son Antoine joined us.

Jongieux's wine in 3 dates

The Vine and the Savoy have a long common history that has been written for more than 2 millennia. Three dates mark their union: - 1432: the Altesse grape variety, which gives the famous Roussette de Savoie, is imported from Cyprus by the Count of Marest, back from the Crusade. The wine produced on the emblematic Coteau de Jongieux will thus take the name of Marestel, like the Coteau Jongieux Marestel. - 1973: Appellation of Controlled Origin 'Vin de Savoie' obtained. The democratization of winter sports and the improvement in the quality of the wines then allowed a significant development of the vineyard. - 1989: the Jongieux vineyard was given a geographical name and the wine produced was now called Vin de Savoie Jongieux. This is an important date for all Jongiolans: it marks the recognition of the work done by the local winegrowers.

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